Silky Smooth

Hello lovelies. Is there anything better than Summer? Seriously though. I probably say this about every season that approaches, but I must admit that sunshine and Summer are my favorites. We have been traveling quite a bit this Spring/Summer so far and have spent our fair share of time in sunshine and at the pool or ocean, which means I have been in swimwear very frequently. I thought I would share with you guys a little bit about my body care routine for the Summer, and one major part of that is taking care of my legs. Lots of swimming and ocean time means lots of swimsuits, which means lots of shaving of my legs. One thing I have been using to keep my legs feeling smooth and soft is the EOS Shave Cream. Not only does it smell amazing, but it moisturizes and hydrates the skin as I shave. I know everyone has their own routine or best practice as to when and how to shave their legs, but adding this shave cream to the mix is something I suggest trying. I have loved it! What are some of your best spring/summer body care routines? I would love to hear them! Sharing best practices and ideas can help us all. I hope you all have a great day!

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