Hey guys! Cheers to the start of a new week, which means a fresh start following our dreams and being better than we were last week. I hope you all had a great weekend and this finds you happy and well. Today's post was a little Sunday afternoon exploring that the boys and I did. It's probably one of our favorite things to just go outside and wander and find new places and hangout together. They are so curious about every little thing and I love watching Arrow run around and listening to the questions Hanes has. "Mom, why does this building have rocks on it? What is your favorite animal? How come red ants are scary?" Haha seriously I don't know where he comes up with the stuff he says, he is so smart and so peculiar in the things he says. Today's look is definitely a casual, everyday wear type of look. If you can't tell by now, I really enjoy a good pair of sneakers and throw that with a fun tee and some leggings, and I am ready to roll! Also, I've got to shout out to Fawn Design for my bag, I love this bag so much, and to have it in pink is just the whip cream on top! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I love you all!

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