It's all in the details

Good morning to all you beautiful people! Today is all about how accessories can make or complete a look. I have teamed up with Sole Society to show you that sometimes it's the little details in an outfit that make a big difference. I love the options and variety that is provided by Sole Society. They have high quality pieces, ranging from handbags to accessories (or as pictured below, sandals and scarves) that allow you to create your own look and be true to your own style, without sacrificing quality or missing trends. They keep their pieces up to date and on point with what is hot and trending which allows you to add a little here and there, whilst still maintaining a look that is fresh. I absolutely love accessories and playing around with them to try new combinations. I like to step outside what I would "normally" wear (like I did with this scarf) and see what new ideas I can put together to complete a look. What are some of your favorite accessories? What combinations of accessories do you most often pair together? Are you a sunglasses and handbag type? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Remember that when completing a look with accessories, sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is better haha, it all depends on the look and upon your style. Check out Sole Society if you haven't already, their selection is fantastic and the quality is always top notch. Have a wonderful day! I love you all!