Hello lovelies and a very happy Friday to all of you! Today is a beautiful day and I hope this finds you all doing well, being kind to your neighbor, and in good spirits. Today's post comes to you from Monterey, California. Brod and I spent a day and half there last week for a work project we were there on, and had a few hours the first day to explore the Monterey Penisula and Carmel area. It was our first time in that area of California and let me tell you that it was dreamy. What a gorgeous place, we drove downtown Monterey and ate some lunch, then took off on the 17-mile drive and stopped along the coast and at Pebble Beach and just took it all in. Of course Brod was in heaven because the place is practically a golfer's heaven, but I must admit that I thought it was quite amazing as well. The fog mixed with the coastline and tree-lined roads kind of took you to another world. There were times when we were driving that I thought are we in Scotland? Then at other times I thought are we on the Oregon Coast, and then I thought, is this San Franscisco? Or is Monterey just a combination of all those places and what makes them cool. After walking the shops in Carmel, we headed back north towards San Jose and had some car ride jam sessions and long chats. I love being on a little road trip with Brod because we always have the best chats and laughs. Sometimes in life, all I need is a good chat and a good laugh. Simple things, but they really mean a lot to me. Any how, I hope you enjoy these pics from our little trip to Monterey and may you all have a wonderful weekend! Be safe and love all you can!

1st striped dress (on sale)
jacket (similar)
shoes (also in black)
2nd white fringe dress (on sale)
Chloe handbag c/o Farfetch