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Monday, July 25, 2016

Strolling with Nuna
Monday, July 25, 2016 5 Comments Images

Hey guys! It's Monday and a new week is upon us and I am excited to share this rad new stroller from Nuna with you! So, if you know me, you know I am all about finding products that are easy to use, practical, and yet look great! Well, the NUNA JETT MIXX stroller is just that! It has a very clean and sleek design to it, and when it comes to usability, it is top notch. I love it for my little dude Arrow because I can have him forward facing or parent facing when we are walking about, depending on the mood he is in. Does he want to see the world or is he in a "chat with mama" mood? Something else that is pretty awesome about the JETT MIXX is that it comes with bassinet as well. A few quick snaps and you can switch from stroller to crib so that you don't wake up your little dude during his nap. How cool is that? If you wanted to complete the entire collection, you could snag the JETT PIPA, which is the car seat and base. This collection really makes it so easy to drive, carry, stroll, and take your little ones wherever you need to day to day. Also, the handle is adjustable, which I love so much because Brod and I are different heights, so we can easily adjust the handle based on who is strolling Arrow around that particular day. One other feature that I thought was so cool are the all-terrain wheels. As you can see in our pictures, this stroller can go off-roading haha! We took it on a little trail at a park nearby and it worked like a charm. So, you can take it on the streets or trails and it carts your little ones around smoothly! Any who, if you can't tell, I love this stroller and it can be found at Nordstrom during the anniversay sale at a great price point, so anyone looking for a fantastic stroller should check it out asap! I hope you guys all have a wonderful day! Thanks for following!


shoes (others in Nordstrom sale, cheaper version on sale)
diaper bag

Boys shoes
Arrow's shorts


  1. So cute!!!

    xx Gen

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  3. WOww in Love with this stroller,It was on sale at Nordstorm website,but they are not shipping outside from USA..And in Australia it's not available yet :(,,so so sad..You are so beautiful with this stroller ,great decision.


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