The Bag

Hey guys, happy Thursday to all of you! So, you may have taken notice but I kind of have a thing for bags! I love them and when I get a new bag, I want it to be one that I will want to keep and use forever. I've always thought about how amazing it would be to have a Chanel, and when I saw this little beauty on prettythingshoarder I got so excited! I loved seeing a website that carried a great variety and had some of the best deals I had seen on designer bags. They are so easy to work with and they have a number of options in terms of payment to make it easy on their customers. What are some of your favorite items/pieces that you have always wanted? And why? For me, this Chanel is so simple in it's design but has this timeless class to it that I know I will use it ova and ova and ova again! Prettythingshoarder hooked me up with a discount code for all of you which is pretty rad! Use "CARALOREN" to save 10% on anything you buy! Have a fantastic day guys!

shoes (on major sale!)
handbag (want this bag so bad!)