Gypsy Vibe

Hey ya'll!! I hope this post finds you happy and well! We have just returned home from an awesome trip to Vegas and it feels good to be home! Today's post is a little throwback to the beach with my boys and is also featuring one of the new shirts that have recently come out on caralorenshop! This one the "deja vu" tee and I love it! We just dropped three new designs of our signature tees and they are up and ready on the site right now...check them out! It's crazy to think that the Cara Loren brand has now been launched for over a year now and it is something that I have had so much fun creating and building. It has definitely been a learning process and we have made our mistakes along the way, but it has also been such an amazing journey and a dream come true! I love seeing people all over the world wearing our pieces from the shop, and hearing your sweet comments and receiving your feedback on the designs is seriously such a cool thing to be a part of. We will be having a bunch of new pieces hit the shop in the next few months heading into Fall, and I hope you all love them as much as I do! Happy hump-day to all of you and thanks so much for following!

Cara Loren tshirt
swimsuit top
swimsuit bottom