Happy Birthday PMD!

Hey guys! Today I am excited to be teaming up again with PMD to share with you a tutorial and update on my use of the product. First and foremost, I've want to wish PMD a happy birthday! To celebrate the birthday of PMD I am going to share a few reasons as to why I love this product so much. I touch upon these in the video below, but wanted to give a quick recap here on the blog as well.

First, using PMD has sincerely changed my skin. I have been using for quite awhile now and can honestly say that I have softer, smoother skin because of using it regularly. I have seen a reduction in wrinkles and the results are real.

Second, I love products that are easy to use and PMD fits that bill perfectly. I use it weekly, it takes under five minutes to use and is not complicated to use at all. Once you have used it once, you pretty much have the gist of how it works and you can go from there. Very simple and user friendly and I love that.

Finally, the reason that kind of encompasses the first two is this, I believe that the PMD is the best microdermabrasion tool out there. As I mentioned above, the results speak for themselves, and they speak to everyone. There are thousands of users, including me, that have given their testimonies and reasons as to why they love the product. I love a product that stands on its own merit and encourage you all to check it out and try it for yourself. Having confidence in yourself and being confident in your own skin is such a big deal and I am all for any product that helps empower us all to have that confidence! I snagged a coupon code for you and it is: Cara30, so go get one if you haven't already! Love ya'll!