Night Hike

Hey guys! Happy Monday! Today I am taking it back to last week to our night hike with my family up in Park City. We had such a blast up there and I can honestly say that Park City is one of my favorite places to visit for a quick weekend getaway. It's crazy because it is only about an hour away from our place, but being up there the air just seems more clear, crisp, and fresh. I think that's why I like visiting there so much because my mindset seems to follow the air, and I am able to clear my head and reset. Do you guys have any places that do this for you? Places that sort of help you recharge and refocus? I would love to hear about your spots to visit that do this so please share, share, share! On this beautiful night in Park City we headed up a little trail near the Westgate and Canyon's Resorts and hiked with our dudes. Hanes and Arrow loved it, especially Hanes. He thought it was so cool to have his "head flashlight" on and kept asking when he could turn it on so he could look for animals haha! He has such a funny imagination and I love to just sit back and listen to him. We had a great weekend with my fam and spent a lot of time laughing and just hanging out! I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the new week ahead! I know it's Monday and sometimes Monday's can be a drag, but I was thinking about it and really Monday is a new day to be alive, to live better, to follow our dreams, to tell people we love them, to learn from our mistakes, to work harder than we have before. So, let's all do our best to have a great Monday!!


Hanes' shoes
Arrow's shoes

hiking carrier