Sleek Slip

Good morning lovelies! I hope your day is fab and this post finds you happy and enjoying your Wednesday so far. Today's post features some looks that you could say are sort of "vintage," which means kind of old, but cool (Wreck it Ralph's words...yes I watch way too many kid's shows with my boys). You may have noticed but I have been loving the tee under the dress look and choker necklaces for quite some time now. I don't know why I gravitated to these two throwback looks, but I did about a year ago and have not looked back since. It's crazy to me how certain trends or looks or items sort of "come back." I often wonder why if they looked good years ago and look good again now, why did they ever leave ya know? Fashion is funny that way and it is interesting to take a look at trends and pieces that seem to come full circle. What are some of your favorite "vintage" or "throwback" looks? I realized I probably should have discussed this topic on Thursday in keep true to tbt, but I just couldn't wait haha! Any who, please share your vintage ideas and looks that you dig with me here on the blog or Insta or whatever, but I would love to hear what you like and why! Many thanks again to all of you for following and supporting me! I love what I do and can't thank you enough for your kind words and support. Have a great day!

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