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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Framing Hanes' Story
Thursday, September 15, 2016 16 Comments Images

Hello lovelies! What a fantastic day it is! I hope you are swell and enjoying your day. Today I have teamed up with Framebridge and I am so excited to share our collaboration with all of you! So Hanes is getting ready to go back to school and of course I am freaking out again because I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 5 and is in his second and final year of pre-school...how does time go by so fast?!

 We thought as sort of a way to celebrate and to prepare for his school year this Fall, we would spend some time talking about the importance of learning about the world and how learning and  experiencing new places and things is such a big part of life and such an awesome part of life! To help us do this, we partnered with Framebridge to take some of our favorite moments we have captured and put them in their cool custom frames and hang them in our office/study room.

 We thought this would be a great end of summer gift for Hanes and he absolutely loved it! You can see in the pictures below how giddy he was to open the framed pictures, he thought it was so cool that he got to help hang them up and pick where they went! He kept saying that he got to do "dad stuff"and was all smiles helping hang the frames up one by one. We laughed and chatted about his upcoming school year and reminisced about the rad summer we have had, and talked about what he is most excited about for this year. It's crazy how old he is getting and how he is really becoming a little dude that knows so many things now and is doing so many things on his own. I loved being able to hang these pictures and I love how easy it is to order with Framebridge and customize frames to the style and fit of my home. All you have to do is find the frame(s) you love, send the art their way, and your framed art is sent to your door in a days! It is fantastic. They have taken a process that has traditionally been frustrating and expensive and made it easy and affordable. It is so easy to create a digital order, you can simply upload your digital image directly to the Framebridge platform by way of drag and drop, uploading from your computer, or even your Instagram feed. The online experience at Framebridge is one of clarity and simplicity. The user experience is super intuitive and within few clicks, you can have your frames selected, artwork uploaded, and order complete. For mail in orders, its super easy, they will send you packing materials so you can mail your piece directly to them for framing, which means you can mail a huge variety of things! Whether you chose digital orders or mail in, the user experience is easy and user friendly. We went with the gold theme in our office/study area and I just love the way it turned it out. We mixed in the frames such as the Mandalay, Carson, Lafayette, Concord, and Chelsea and as you can see they have such a wide variety in terms of selection, and as a bonus the frames are super affordable!

It really is such a fun gifting idea and it was so cool to for Brod and I to be able to share it with Hanes. There are so many ways you that Framebridge can help you with your gifts for those you love and I encourage you all to go check them out and think of ways you can share these awesome frames with your family and friends! Here is something rad to get you started: Framebridge is giving my readers 15% off your first Framebridge order using promo code CARALOREN15 valid through 12/12/2016! 


pants (most comfortable jeans ever)

Hanes' outfit


  1. Such a cool idea! I have to do this also! You guys look so cute! Love your home decor!


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  2. Hey, i love your blog. Your're such a great person! I love your style and power. Greetings from Poland��

  3. This is too sweet!♥


  4. Oh I ADORE these photos! So cute. These frames are amazing. Love the gold so much. ♡
    xx Taylor | www.mycupofchic.com | @taylorwinkelmeyer

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