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Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Living
Friday, September 23, 2016 19 Comments Images

Hey beautiful people! Today I have teamed up with AllModern to give you a little tour of my absolute favorite room in our house! Our family room/kitchen area is the place where we spend most of our time as a family. It is where we love to hang with the dudes, watch shows together, have long chats, eat, cook, and just be together. I love, love this room and I am so happy with pieces that I was able to get from AllModern to make this particular room as special as it is. The vibe we love in our house is kind of a combination of casual and cool, and a place that is always feels welcoming for friends and family. Sometimes it is hard to find that balance between comfortable and welcoming, and still keeping it fresh and hip with the furniture and pieces that make up the interior design of the room. But, what I love about AllModern, is I feel like they have the selection and pieces to help you achieve just that, all the while keeping it unique and personal to your style. As you take a look at the pictures of the our house below, you will see that we love colorful pieces as well as mixing in different shades of brown, gold, and tan. One of my favorite pieces in our entire house and for sure my favorite in our family room is the blue sofa. I love the way it looks in our room, I love how comfortable it is to sit on and hangout on, and I love the intricate details of the wood frame that supports it. I realize I just said, " I love," a lot, but it's true haha! I also have a thing for our brown leather chair we got from AllModern, it gives the room that added signature seat that is perfect for reading at any time of day. As you can tell from my words, I am so happy with how this room turned out and have loved working with AllModern. If you haven't checked them out, I highly encourage you to do so. I have linked all the pieces that our found in our family room area below, and my advice to anyone as they decorate their home is to stay true to your style, take chances, but also keep it simple. To me, a home is what it is because of the people that are in it and that visit it, so keep in mind that balance between comfort and style. I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into our home, thanks so much for following!!

All Modern pieces

blue velour sofa
leather chair
gold side tables
mid century side entertainment tables
back console table
hanging chair
bar stools
white mid-century chair

pillows (here, here & here)
book ends
potted plant
table lamp
floor lamp
small fur rug
pouf (similar)
gold hands

other pieces
rug (similar here, here and here)
grey sofa
clothing rack
blanket throw over leather chair


  1. What a wonderful living room! The decor is mind-blowing!


  2. Your home is so beautiful! Such beautiful photos!

    The Cassie Paige
    New Post: Purple

  3. such a fun room! love the hanging chair!


  4. I love how you mix vintage with modern-it's perfection! Thanks for sharing!

  5. beautiful living room!


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  8. Your home is so beautiful! I like your decoration.

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  10. So gorgeous!! love it all. Where is the mountain goat art from? or who? please please please!! My hubby would die for this. thx!!

  11. Oh my goodness Cara, Beautiful! Where is your top from though!!!??? :)

  12. Details on your outfit!!! <3

  13. Details on your outfit!!! <3

  14. Love your living room! Perfect for a family and isn't too girly or too masculine, a neutral mix of both!

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