Red Florals

Hey guys, happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are stoked on the new week ahead. So, I posted a peek of this look a little bit ago on IG, but wanted to talk more in detail about it because it was a look that I absolutely loved, and was one of the first looks I wore at Fashion Week this year. So, in case you haven't noticed, I love to wear the color red. I think I have had one red look at NYFW for the past few seasons and the trend continued this year. There is something about a red dress that is so timeless and classic, and yet it provides the flare and pop that I am looking for. I also loved this look because it is one that looks fabulous but doesn't break the bank. I wanted to mix up my looks this year at Fashion Week in terms of price point, so I have looks and pieces that are on the high end, and some that are more affordable for everyday wear, and this is one of them. I linked the details below so make sure and check it out. I wore this look for an event I had with InStyle Magazine and just loved the classic floral vibe of it. Paired it with some nude heels and boom...I was ready to roll! As I mentioned, I love to wear the color red, what are some of your favorite colors to wear? Do you have a particular color that you like to wear over and over? If so, why? And what are some of your favorite looks in that color? Please share! I love to hear your ideas and get your feedback, so please share, share, share! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic start to your week!