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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sneaker Time
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 13 Comments Images

Hey gang! Today is a beautiful day and I am excited to be talking about one of my favorite items to wear right now...sneakers! I am in love with the sneaker trend and have been wearing them non-stop all year. I am stoked to be teaming up with DSW to share a couple of my favorite sneaker-style looks with you all today! One thing about sneakers, is that the variety and style of them seems to be never ending. Think about it, there are so many different colorways, brands, and types of sneakers out there that finding those that fit your personal style and the specific ones to fit your look can sometimes be overwhelming. But I say to that, don't let it be. The selection and variety that is there at your fingertips should be a good thing, not a bad one. Use your own taste and style to find the sneakers that fit the look you are going for. You can see below, I styled both these pairs of sneakers to fit my look in very different ways. The first look features pairing a simple and classic pair of vans with a free-flowing dress and denim jacket. I love the way the sneakers add a bit of casual cool to the jacket and dress, without dressing it down too much. The solid colors of the sneakers balance well with the stripes of the dress, and neither the shoes or dress dominate the look in a bad way, rather they play well together. Finding the right sneakers to pair with dresses in both Summer and the Fall is a trend that is on fire right now!

The second look is one of my go-to's. It takes the kind of sexy-cool "athleisure" wear to a new level when you pair them with the right kicks. These grey Adidas from DSW were a great match for the all black look of leggings, top, and hat. The right color of sneakers, for this look I chose grey but other colors could have looked great as well (even more vibrant reds, blues, or greens), mixed with a sleek athletic black look is hard to beat in my opinion. It is a trend and look that fits whether you are running errands, spending time in the city, attending a get together, or chasing the dudes around. So yeah, I love sneakers and if you haven't tried mixing up your looks and adding sneakers to your wardrobe in a big way, then I am telling you now to do it!! They also have great selection for kids, so your little guys can have stylish kicks as well. DSW has a great selection to chose from and making them your own is the key to this trend.

Look 1

Look 2

*Thanks to DSW for sponsoring this post.


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  2. Fabulous photos and two cute outfits, love your maxi and the workout gear!


  3. So adorable! You look great!


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