Boxes of Awesomeness

Hello lovelies! I want to give you all a big thanks for following and I hope this post finds you having a wonderful day! Today's post is all about clothes for my little guys and I am stoked to be sharing a new way of finding your little ones (boys or girls) clothing, through a brand called Rockets of Awesome! Rockets of Awesome is a rad, new kids brand that offers a unique and easy way of shopping for your kids wardrobe. We tried out their service and brand for both Hanes and Arrow and the experience was pretty "awesome." Rockets of Awesome has nailed it in a few categories and made shopping for kids clothes a cool experience, rather than one that can be exhausting.
To me, Rockets of Awesome has created a brand that provides:

- A fun and easy personalized shopping experience. Before you order your boxes, you take a quick quiz centered on you and your kids preferences and likes when it comes to style and clothing. Rockets of Awesome will then hand pick a selection of 8-12 items to send your way.

- Value. They provide quality clothing for your kids at an average price point of $20, and are clothes that are both comfortable and up to date in terms of style and trend. The value is also found in the service. They will send you the hand picked clothes and allow you to send back the items you don't want for free.

- Ease of use. As mentioned above, Rockets of Awesome does most of the heavy lifting for you. As a customer you simply give them some style and fit details, and then you simply decide what to keep, and whatever you are not keeping, you pack back up and return it to them, on their dime. The service is completely FREE! How cool is that? As mentioned above, you only pay for what you keep and the shipping and returns are free.

Hanes and Arrow had a ball opening their boxes and trying on their new stuff! The packaging is fun and even though they only get so excited about clothing, this was a new way to shop outside of running around a store! If you're looking for a new and convenient way to shop for your kids, I would say to check out Rockets of Awesome for sure, and find out if it works for you!

Rockets of Awesome Boxes