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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Got My Tight Pants On
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 15 Comments Images

Everybody talking 'bout my tight pants, I got my tight pants, I got my tight pants on! Haha, if you haven't seen the Jimmy Fallon skits that reference the words above, I suggest you check them out asap!! They are seriously so funny! Anyways, that is a perfect intro to today's post because I really am talking about my tight pants, more specifically, these fantastic Spanx leggings from Bloomingdale's. They come in a variety of colors ( I am wearing the black with a Faux leather finish here) and are fantastic! They give your waist and legs a slimming look, they hug you just where you want to be hugged, and extremely comfortable. I love the material of these particular leggings, they are super easy to dress up and give your look more sophistication than you would expect out of leggings. As I mentioned above they can be found at Bloomingdale's right now, and one thing I love about Bloomingdale's is the fantastic selection and variety of pieces and products that they have at all times. These leggings by Spanx are a perfect example of that selection and show the range they have at Bloomingdale's. One other thing I love about these leggings is the simple color of them, the black with a Faux Leather finish provides a base that can be paired with many different pieces and allows you to keep the look casual or dress it up a bit more. Well, that's all I have today, check the links below for the leggings as well as other great products from Bloomingdale's. Thanks for following! I love you all!

* Thanks to Bloomingdale's for sponsoring this post.

spanx leggings


  1. It's gorgeous, I really like the flat kinda Ballerina Shoes;)


  2. I love absolutely everything about this look

  3. These pants are amazing! You look adorable as ever :)

  4. So simple yet chic, love it!♥


  5. Now if only I had those legs!!!! Love these!

    cristin | www.thesouthernstyleguide.com

  6. I totally started singing the Jimmy skit when reading your title!
    You look beautiful, Cara!

  7. Love this look!

  8. Wow great pants!!! Really nice for fall :)
    XO Janina

  9. Great makeup and outfit. Your leather pants really stun.
    kisses from pickweddingdresses

  10. Love this look, those pants are just so cool!

    The Lilly Mint Blog

  11. Oh I love these! I have been looking for some pants in addition to jeans for this winter. Sometimes jeans are just a little bit too constricting, but I love that these can be dressed up! Also, looks like they would be great for travel. Thanks!

    Nicole || bynicolegeorge.com

  12. I feel inspired to exercise more just because they feel and look so good. I already bought another pair of work out leggings in XL because I KNOW I am going to drop another size in very short order!