Swim day with the boys!

Hey guys! Today's post takes us back to the beautiful Marco Island where the boys and I spent the day at the pool! We probably spent 99% of our trip at either the pool or the beach and loved every minute of it. Hanes went down the slide over and over and over and over again, and Arrow was "hulk smash" in the shallow splash pad area, picking fights with the water and tackling Brod whenever he could haha! All in all it was a great day! I wore my favorite pair of Tommy jean shorts over my suit, and they are for sure my favorite jean shorts of all time! I loved this simple one piece for swimming and have linked a bunch of cute one piece swimsuits below that I have had my eye on! As for the headscarf/head wrap, I had a company send me this and I love it, but I cannot remember who the company is and I can't seem to find it online. If you are the company who sent it, please let me know who you are and thank you for sending it! Have a great Tuesday guys! I love you all!!

head piece (similar)