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Monday, October 31, 2016

high-rise time
Monday, October 31, 2016 18 Comments Images

Happy Halloween guys! Starting this week off with a little throwback to our time in Marco Island and looking at these pictures seriously just makes me want to be back at the beach! The beach there was so beautiful, I know I mentioned this before, but the sand was a perfect mix of sand and crumbled up seashells so it didn't burn your feet at all, it was perfect! These pictures are from one of our beach days, when the boys and I kicked it on the beach and in the ocean all....day....long, and it was amazing! The suit I am sporting is one of my favorite high-rise two pieces and is at such fantastic price point right now, so check out the link below! It fits great and I love the simple colors! Any who, I hope you all have an awesome Halloween and get to spend time with your friends and family, and for those of you trick or treating, hopefully you get lots of candy! I know my boys are so stoked and I am sure we will be eating candy over here for days! Thank you all for your love and support, you guys really are the best! I love you all.

swimsuit top
swimsuit bottom


  1. Hot and super fit mama!! Lovely beach time photos!


  2. I love that the bottoms are high waisted but still make the bum look really good :)
    XO Janina

    1. haha well thank you! I agree it is hard to find that balance with high rise suits!

  3. Hello cara I've been loving these blogs videos ever since this year who ever takes the pics I thank them you're the perfect model, anyways not a lot of people may think this way but I always notice your pedicures, they are always so beautiful so I was wondering if maybe you could do a series or video of your pedicures, I know it sounds weird but I like your color style when it comes to that, I hope you don't block me sorry if I sound creepy , but thanks if you consider it :)

  4. Girl. You are seriously my fitness inspo! You look so amazing! And such a cute suit!



  5. You look gorgeous, hun! What size are you in this bikini? I'd love to get it for myself ♥


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  9. What camera and lens did you use for these pictures on the beach?

  10. As always, your body looks amazing. Loving your arms. So strong and beautiful.