Skeleton boys

Hey guys! October is here in full force (could time fly by any faster?) and that means that we are getting excited for Halloween here in the VB household! So, our boys love dressing up and getting in different costumes this time of year. Whether it's for a Halloween Party, trick or treating, or hanging at home, these boys love costumes! Today, we partnered up with Q-tips to get our face paint on and turn ourselves into skeletons! Let's just say that Hanes loved it, and Arrow...not so much haha. We had a lot of fun and it was so easy to paint using a combination of Q-tips Beauty Rounds, Q-tips Precision Tips, and Q-tips cotton swabs. For the base white of the skeleton face on both Brod and Hanes (and sort of on Arrow's cheeks haha) we used Q-tips Beauty Rounds and it was so easy to do. Whether you are painting skeleton faces, vampires, wolves, or some other Halloween Creature, Q-tip Beauty Rounds are just the right tool. For the details of the skeleton face, around the eyes, forehead stitches, and around the mouth, we used Q-tip Precision Tips and cotton swabs. Just a simple dab of the paint and they acted as the perfect brush to detail some paint on my dudes! As you can see, the boys had a blast and Hanes took his skeleton character quite seriously! If you haven't used the Q-tips products for your Halloween face-painting before, I recommend you give it a try this holiday season. They are super affordable, easy to use, and easy to throw away when you are done. I hope this gives you some new ideas on face painting and hopefully you are all as excited for Halloween as we are!!