From Gym to Run

Hello lovelies! I hope this post finds you happy and healthy and ready to attack the new day. I am so thrilled to be sharing today's post with you, as I have the opportunity to be partnering with a brand that I have loved since the minute I discovered them and have been loyal ever since. The brand I am speaking of is none other than Lululemon. I absolutely love this brand and what they represent and the products they bring to the market. One aspect of working out that can be tough to dress for is the changing of seasons and having the right clothing to transition to from Summer to Fall, and Fall to Winter. Even within the same season, you need the right pieces to take your workout from the gym to the outdoors. Lululemon has nailed dressing for workouts even during the changing seasons. Their focus on providing gear that is designed for you to sweat in and handle serious sweat is spot on. As you can see, for my full-body workout at the gym I am in the swiftly tech tank, tights, and sports bra. Each of these are designed specifically for me to put all distractions aside and focus on training and getting my sweat on! Working out in Lululemon allows me the comfort and fit I want, without limiting any of the movements or exercises I need to do to keep improving my personal fitness and attain the goals I have.

One thing I focus on each week is making sure that I am finding a balance between the gym (weight circuits, classes, abs) and spending time doing cardio. What is awesome about Lululemon is they have the pieces for all of the above. After my full-body workout at the gym, it was time to hit the pavement to stretch and run. The layering pieces they have are designed to help wick away the sweat, while protecting you from the elements you might have to battle while running. The hoodie I am wearing is not only performance driven, but I absolutely love the look of it too. Pair that with the tights and pullover and you are ready to go! I had never tried these particular tights, this was the first time I had worn them and now I want them in every color. They are so comfortable and look great on. Needless to say, Lulelemon has the products to give you the performance and confidence you need to sweat it out on a daily basis and push yourself to get better. Changing of the seasons is not something to worry about when you have the options that Lululemon provides. If you can't tell, I love, love this brand and each of these products will continue to be a staple in my workout wear every day. I hope you all have a fantastic day. Thanks for following!

sports bra
leggings (best leggings ever)
pullover (back detail is so flattering)