High Leg/High Rise

It's Friday ya'll! Cheers to the weekend and I hope you all have a great one, whether it be going on adventures or just chilling at home, may you all have a fab weekend and get to spend it with those you love! Today's post is a throwback or flashback to Marco Island (such an awesome place, if you have a chance to go, do it!) and is all about the high-rise swimsuit. I loved this neutral color and must say that this year I have loved the high-rise swimwear options! They are different and definitely took a little getting used to for me because they have a unique fit and look, but now after wearing a variety of them this year, I must say that I love them. I am a big fan of mixing up swimwear and taking new risks with all types of clothing, and this was one particular time that I am happy about the risk I took! What do you think of high-rise suits? Are they your thing or not? If they are, what are your favorite brands or places to find them? Again, would love your feedback and ideas, I love hearing what you have to say and why! Well, I will stop rambling, have a fantastic weekend and I love you all!

swim top
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