Hey guys! Welcome to the "day after tomorrow!" I say that because last night was crazy with the election going on! I am thankful for this new day, and no matter the outcome of the election, I am excited for what the future brings and for what I can control to make the most of each day! To echo what Brod said last night on his IG, hopefully we can all make the effort to love more, treat others better than we have before, work harder, follow our dreams, and strive to live a better life! Today's post takes us up to Park City where the weather was in between Fall and Winter. It was actually pretty strange to be up there at this time of year because it was sort of like a ghost town compared to what it normally is. The skiers and snow lovers have not settled in yet because there isn't enough snow in the mountains, and the Fall visitors seemed to have all finished up their visits. Having said that we loved our time up in Park City and enjoyed a little staycation where simply chillin was our go-to activity haha!

Let me quickly talk about this coat! I love it, it is louder than I normally wear but I love it! Why? Because in a crazy way it is not your simple colored coat, the cheetah design is bold and in your face but somehow I still feel like it can be worn all the time, like a go-to basic! Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think I am. It's comfy, it can be paired with a variety of shoes/boots and adds value to every look you wear it with! So yeah, to me, it qualifies a basic piece that can be worn over and over again! What do you guys think? Ya dig or no? Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks again for following and know that I love you all!

coat (similar here and here)
leggings (also here)
sunnies (other colors here and here)