White Sand

Hey guys! Holy crap I can't believe it's Friday already, I swear this week was the length of a day. Does that happen to you guys too? Where, you blink like twice on Monday and then it's Friday. It's weird how some weeks time seems to go soooo slow and other weeks it flies by so fast! Anyhow, it is Friday and it just snowed here yesterday so I thought why not share a post that takes us back to sunny beaches and warm waters! It's like the minute it gets cold here all I can think about is getting back to the sunshine! These pics are from our time in Marco Island and gosh I can't wait to go back there! I remember this particular day the boys wanted to hunt for seashells all day and Hanes was so giddy to find the "shiny" ones to add to his collection. That little dude loves collecting stuff, especially seashells and rocks, and I love watching how excited he gets to add to his collection. Well, now I am rambling, but I hope you guys all have a wonderful Friday! For those of you living in warmer weather, I am jelly, and for those of you in this cold, let's plan a trip haha! Love you all!

swim top (similar top)
swim bottom (similar bottom)