Butterfly Kisses

Good morning lovelies! It's a beautiful day to be alive, not so much in the weather outside, but still it's a new day and I am excited to be apart of it! Today I am taking it back to Dubai and sharing one of my favorite experiences we had while we were there. So, after going to Miracle Gardens with the millions and millions of flowers, our next stop was at a place called Butterfly Garden and let me tell you it was amazing! The building consists of a bunch of custom domes (9 to be exact) that you can wander through and there are thousands of butterflies that call each dome home. We had such a blast walking among among these beautiful insects and it was crazy because they would land pretty much wherever they wanted, including on me haha! They landed in my hair, on my dress, on my arms and hands, it was so cool! I don't know why I loved this place so much, I mean I have seen butterflies my entire life, but something about the size and beauty of so many flying around in these domes just made it kind of magic. If you have the chance to go to Dubai and are going to Miracle Gardens, I suggest you pop by Butterfly Gardens as well! It was awesome! Happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope you have fantastic day!

(tutorial on how to do the hair twist crown)