Feeling Blue

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and this post finds you doing so very well! Today's post features a coat that mixes a couple of colors that are not traditionally mixed or paired together...and guess what? I love it so much! This bomber jacket takes a kind of low-key olive or army green and blends it with a bright and bold cobalt blue. What I love about it is that it combines two colors that I would never think of putting together in a piece, but now that I see it in this jacket, I absolutely love it. That is one of the coolest aspects of fashion to me, is the way that you can constantly reinvent a combination or get creative with colors that are not normally paired together, and then once you do, bam! Sometimes the creative or new ideas a a fail or flop, but that is ok, because I think failures and flops, even if they happen more than once, lead eventually to a to those pieces and/or ideas that knock it out of the park! As I have heard over and over again, you never fail until you stop trying, and I definitely feel that applies to the fashion world.

This bomber is dropping at caralorenshop, and can be easily paired with a variety of jeans, as I have below. I get so excited when pieces I truly love come to my shop, because that is something I always dreamed about doing, bringing my style and taste to pieces at a shop that I have started, and to see that dream come to reality has been so cool and something I will always be thankful for and humbled by. Running the shop has been a struggle at times and we have definitely had our share of learning curves, but when I see us come out with pieces like this (and others we have coming) I get so excited and know the hard work is worth it! Thank you all for your support of the caralorenshop and go check out this bomber while you can, it is going to go fast!

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