Flowers upon Flowers

Hello friends! Happy humpday! I hope this post finds you happy, well, and enjoying your week thus far. Today's post comes to you from wonderful Dubai and more specifically one of the most amazing parks I have ever been to....I'm talking about a little place called Miracle Gardens! This park, theme park, sight-seeing extraordinaire, I don't know exactly what you would call it, but whatever you call it, this place was pretty spectacular. So, there are over 45 million flowers at Miracle Gardens, beautiful flowers of many different shapes, sizes, and colors...and these flowers are all grown and placed in these gigantic figurines and figures. Giant birds, castles, airplanes, cities, the Burj Khalifa (world's tallest building); all of these things made out of flowers!! We tried to capture our experience by way of pictures, but they do not do it justice, Miracle Gardens is a place unlike any other and definitely fits within the theme that ran strong and true in Dubai, basically that theme being, "why not?' Like, why not build amazing structures and figures out of millions of beautiful flowers?!

We had such a great time with Cody and Christine wandering around, chatting, and munching on some nachos haha! I paired this white dress with these fantastic sandals from Rebecca Minkoff that I just had to snatch up, even though it is winter here at home, I figure I will be wearing them all spring and summer! I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you are ever in Dubai, then I suggest you check out Miracle Gardens, it is quite the sight to behold!