Oldy but Goody

Hey gang! Today I am taking it back to Nashville with one of my everyday casual looks. It actually brings pain to my soul looking at these pictures because I see that the sun is shining and it is warm and lovely there, meanwhile we are stuck in a permanent winter blizzard here! Ok that is a little dramatic I know and the snow can be pretty to look at sometimes, but seriously can we please get a breather from the snow here in Utah! Like just a day of no snow?!

Any who, this look is one of those that I would classify as a "go-to" or and "everyday" look. It mixes comfortable and casual with a little edge and a lot of cool. The color palette of black, white, and grey is one I love to wear and is probably the color combo I wear most. I know I have said this before many a times, but sometimes my favorite looks are the most simple ones. This sweater jacket was a perfect fit for a cool summer day and pairing it with a black top and grey skirt was such an effortless match. Throw on some Stan Smith's from Adidas and you now have a look to wear shopping, to go to lunch, for running around town, or to just hang with the boys in. What are your favorite casual or "go-to" looks? What do you like about them that make you want to wear them over and over again, or where something similar to them over and over again? For me, it is finding the balance between comfortable and my own version of "cool" that I so enjoy when putting pieces together. Finding a look that fits my style and taste in just the right way is one of the reasons I love fashion and clothing! Thanks for following guys and I hope you all have a great day!!