Cozy Cardigan

Good morning beauties! So..question for you, can you ever have enough cardigans? My answer...a resounding and emphatic NO! Haha for reals, I love cardigans so much and they are one of favorite pieces to wear, no matter what season we are in. Let's talk about a few of the reasons as to why I love cardigans so much

#1 -They are a great piece to wear in any season! Think about it, a cardigan can be worn in the winter, summer, spring, or fall. Sure, there are different cardigans for different seasons, obviously this one I am wearing below is more a of a thicker and cozy type of fit and style, and so it would work best for the winter, early spring, fall, and not so much summer. But then you have the lighter and thin cardigans that are perfect for summer nights and work in the spring and early fall as well. I love that they are piece that can be worn all year long and that there are so many different types and varieties that are made for each season.

#2- Cardigans pair so easily! What do I mean by that? Well, whether you are wearing a dress (like I am below) or jeans and a tee, or casual leggings or sweats, there is a cardigan out there that would pair nicely with your particular outfit for that day. I love pieces that pair well with other pieces because it makes dressing for the day or for an event you might have that much easier.

#3- My third and final reason (and there are so many more) is that cardigans are a finishing piece! They can complete and add to an outfit in such a variety of ways. They can add that pop or flare an outfit might need or finish a polished look or maintain a comfy casual look in such a great way!

So yeah, I love cardigans and they are something that you will continue to see regularly at the shop! This one here is the matches well with anything and is cozy as can be! Check it out! I hope you all have a fab day! I love you all!
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