Little Runts

Good morning! Today I am going to be talking more about my favorite little humans in the boys! I know I share a lot about them, but I just can't get enough! There is nothing better than being their mom and nothing that makes me happier than spending time with them! One of their absolute favorite things to do is play and explore outside. This particular day was perfect for that because we happened to be staying right near the beach. So the boys not only love to play outside, but more specifically, they love, love, love, love playing in the sand at the beach. Like for reals, they could do it for hours and hours, and we pretty much did that on this beautiful morning in Santa Monica.

It's so funny to me, how Hanes and Arrow, once they find something they enjoy doing, they will want to do it over and over and over again. I swear kids sometimes have longer attention spans than adults, or they are able to find moments of joy in simple things for much longer periods of time. Brod and I talk about it all the time because our boys will find something they like to do (like run from the waves or race in the sand) and they want to keep repeating that same activity for as long as we will let them! I think we as adults could take a lesson from our children in remembering to enjoy the simple things for longer periods of time and choose not to get "bored" with them so quickly. Sometimes the best memories can be the most simple ones, as long as we are with people we love. Anyhow, as you can see in the pictures, we had a great time at the beach. Hanes and Arrow found these truck/tractor marks in the sand and they spent all morning racing inside the track marks haha! We were laughing because the tracks went all over the beach and they kept running and following them until their legs practically gave out. For this beach day, they wore their comfy clothes from the Jumping Beans line at Kohl's! They both loved the basketball t-shirt so much because they know daddy loves basketball and their tights and shorts were a great fit for a day full of running and playing. Jumping Beans collection is so easy to pair and comfortable to wear for the little guys. I love knowing they don't have to worry about their clothes and can focus on playing and exploring! As I have said before my boys imaginations can amaze me sometimes, and this beach day was no different as they spent a good hour pretending to be race car drivers running around in the sand tracks. One aspect of the Jumping Bean line that I love is that they celebrate kid's with big imaginations and encourage them to dream and create, and that goes hand in hand with my boys! Finally when it comes to comfort and value, the this collection nails it on both counts! If you haven't checked out the Jumping Beans line at Kohl's, do it! Thanks to you all for following and have a great rest of your day!

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