Meshy Swim

Hey guys! Sorry I have been running around all morning and kind of forgot to get this post up, and I can't forget to get this post up because I love this swimsuit too much to not share it with all of you! This is from one of our warmer days out in LA and we took full advantage of some time on Santa Monica Beach. The boys pretended to be ninja turtles, Hanes was Rafa and Arrow was Donatello that were fighting the waves of "foot soldier bad guys" haha! Seriously, when are they not in either ninja turtle or avenger mode?! Brod and I crack up because we wonder when this stage of superheros and ninjas will end, but it might not be for a long while at the rate we are going!

This swimsuit is different and that is what I love about it. The mesh details mixed with the tan and green is such a unique combo and when I saw it, I had to try it! I absolutely love the fit and is a suit that I will be wearing again this spring and summer for sure. It's crazy how many different swimsuits there are out there in terms of cut, fit, print, style, and colors...but that is what keeps me coming back for more! Brody always makes fun of me and says how many swimsuits do you need?! My answer is honestly I don't know. So long as they keep making pieces like these, I think I am going to have to continue to try them haha! Sorry I am so short today, but we it seems like one of those days where we have a lot to do and time is moving in fast forward! I love you all! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

* The winner of the LV Bag giveaway is Niki Garrett (@simplynikiblog)! Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!!

swim top (other color and here)
swim bottom (other color)