Tommy x Gigi

Hey gang! Happy Friday to all of you! I am so excited to share today's post with you because I get to give you a glimpse into one of the most fantastic shows I have attended, that being Tommy X Gigi! Seriously, it was unbelievable! I don't know if you remember but I had the opportunity to attend the first Tommy X Gigi show in September at NYFW and it was fantastic, and now to be able to attend the second Tommy X Gigi show in LA was a dream come true!

The show took place on Venice Beach in California, and when I say it took place on Venice Beach, I mean that Tommy Hilfiger literally took over Venice Beach and turned it into "Tommy Land." It was like being at an amazing and giant carnival. Food trucks, fire throwers, treat booths, t-shirt booths, ferris wheel, and enormous balloons filled what once was Venice Beach. It was so rad! And of course there was a super chill and cool runway space where the show actually took place. Brod got to come backstage and also attend the show to capture some of the amazing moments we had there. This is my favorite show of the year, not only because of the atmosphere and attendees, but also the line. Tommy X Gigi collaborated to create a wonderful, classy, and fun collection once again and I was blown away by the looks that came down the runway! I also adored my look for the show, which was Tommy Hilfiger and had me smiling as I wore it all night long.The jacket, dress, and cap all meshed together in a such a beautiful way and I felt so confident and happy to be wearing it. It was a look that I was so excited to be wearing and rock at the show!

It's hard to describe, but there is something about the vibe and atmosphere that this Tommy X Gigi collaboration and show bring to the table. It's got swag and magic and class all mixed into both the clothes, atmosphere, and people that are part of it! I am forever grateful for the relationship I have with great people at Tommy Hilfiger and I look forward to what they have in store next. The creative minds of Tommy and Gigi produce some amazing stuff, and I can't wait to see what they come up in the future. I hope these images give you guys an idea of what an awesome night it was and help to show a little bit of what Tommy X Gigi is all about! Thanks for following and I hope you all have a fab weekend!