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Monday, March 20, 2017

Keeping up with the dudes!
Monday, March 20, 2017 11 Comments Images

Hey guys! I hope this post finds you happy and well! Spring is here and I am so excited! I love Spring and all it brings...the sunshine, the flowers, the rain, the new life, the new beginnings. It is a season of freshness and energy and I absolutely love it. We are coming at you today from one of the most popular local travel spots, that being Deer Valley in Park City, Utah. The boys and I love a good staycation and mixing up the routing of our normal schedule with a little spring adventure. Today, I am thrilled to be partnering with one of my favorite brands out there in this big beautiful world, that brand being H&M Kids! Ever since the birth of my boys, I have had a passion for finding them clothes that are both comfortable and fun! Like most 5 and 2-year-old little dudes, my guys never stop running around and playing. They love to be silly, they love pretending to be ninjas, and their energy level seems to be non-stop haha! Even when we are traveling, the energy and fun doesn't seem to stop! We travel quite a bit as a family and this particular weekend was one that took us to beautiful Deer Valley for a little staycation, and whether it be at home or on the road, when it comes to putting them in clothes, I put great value on them being comfortable and fun/stylish! And I have found that perfect combo of comfy and fun at H&M Kids! They have so many awesome options for my boys and when I say the clothes are fun, I mean they are fun for the boys because of the prints and characters that are on them, so from the boy's perspective they are fun and cool to wear! From Star Wars and Avengers, to Angry Birds and ocean animals, they have so many stylish pieces that Hanes and Arrow are excited to wear!

Another facet of spring arrivals from H&M Kids that I love are all the sweats options! My boys seriously love wearing sweats more than anything, and as a mom, I love putting them in sweats that I know are a comfortable fit and high in quality when it comes to look and material. Our weekend at Deer Valley (pictured below) was one that sweats were definitely going to be part of the boy’s wardrobe, not only for comfort and style, but because it was still a little chilly up there and I knew that they would be running around both inside and outside at the hotel. H&M Kids has a ton of printed and basic colored (like black, grey, and blue) sweats to choose from and all of them keep the dudes looking fresh and comfortable! If you haven't had a chance to check out the H&M Kids stuff yet, I highly recommend doing so! We have a store that is about ten minutes away from our house and I am ducking in there or looking online on a weekly basis to see what's new! If you're a mom you know that kids seem to grow out of clothes by the end of the week haha, so knowing that there are over 1000 new styles at H&M Kids fresh for the Spring season and perfect for Spring travel as well, all at great prices, is fantastic news for a mom! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful start to Spring and thanks so much for following! I would love to hear about some of the favorites you find for your little ones at H&M, and why they are your favorites! Leave a comment below and have such a great day!

Hanes' outfit

Arrow's outfit

My Look


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  2. Your boys are just too cute!
    And so big! Can't believe baby Hanes is FIVE!
    Are you planning on having more? Maybe a baby girl? So adorbs <3


    1. I definitely need a baby girl huh;) One day! Thanks!

  3. These photos are so lovely, your sons are the cutest!


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  6. Love those shoes! Mind me asking where you got them? Looking to purchase a new pair of running shoes <3


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