Mexico Recap Round 1

Happy hump day ya'll! Today I am doing a little throwback, even though it is not Thursday, to my girls trip that we took to Mexico! I love my girlfriends so much and I feel so extremely lucky and blessed to have the friends that I do!

A few weeks back 8 of us took a little trip down to Puerto Vallarta and it was absolutely amazing! I had been to Mexico a couple of times before, once for work and once for Brod and I's honeymoon, but I had never been to Puerto Vallarta, and let me just tell you that I loved it there. I seriously already want to go back! The girls and I had such a great time down there. We chilled at the beach, at the pool, went zip-lining, explored the city, and overall had such a blast! Probably my favorite part of the trip was the time we spent just chatting and laughing and talking about life together. I really love my friends so much and I am so thankful to have a close group of friends that I know genuinely care for one another and wish and hope for the best for each other. I feel like real, true friends are hard to come by and I feel so fortunate to have the group of friends that I do. I wanted to give you a little glimpse into our trip and time in Puerto Vallarta and show you through pictures who my beautiful friends are! I have also linked a bunch of the pieces that I wore while in Puerto Vallarta below so check them out! Thank you all for following and I hope that you have such a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks so much for your kind words, and your love and support you give me each day!

look #1
lacy swim top
lacy swim bottom
yellow jacket

look #2