Skincare with nia

Hello lovelies! How are you? I hope this finds all of you well and in good health. Today is a beautiful day here in Utah and I am excited to be back with you! Today is all about skincare, and not just any skincare, but skincare that is designed and geared for all of us millennials! Taking care of my skin is such a big deal to me, and is part of my daily routine and will continue to be. There is something about the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are making every effort to bring health to your face. I am all about trying new products and testing them out to see if adding them to my daily regimen (skincare routine) will help the health of my skin or produce positive results that maybe I haven't seen before.

Today, I am talking about a new line of skincare brought to us by the makers of StriVectin, known as "nia." Ok, so first off, I absolutely love that the name is an acronym, one that stands for "not into aging." How clever and rad is that?! And what's even better is that is exactly what this skincare brand is all about. Nia is designed by millennials, for millennials, and brings six products to the table that are created to help prevent and reverse the damage that is brought to our skin by way of everyday events. It specifically tackles and targets the stressors that are frequent amongst millennials and our way of life, such as tech-effects (looking down at your phone, squinting to look at your screen), high-traffic areas (wear and tear from putting on makeup), and skin sins (work-life stressors and drama). Nia is unique to other skincare brands in that the products are very specifically designed to counter the stressors that are so common with today's lifestyles. I also love that the results of healthy and glowing skin are targeted for both now(immediate results), as well as in the future. Nia is focused on helping to improve the health of your skin both now and later.

So you might have the same questions that I had, like what are the six products that make up the collection known as nia? Where do I find it? What can I expect in terms of results? Well, after being able to use if firsthand, lets chat about that.

First of all, what products make up the collection? As mentioned before, there are six and they are each both unique in function and awesomeness! They are:
- Wash & Glow....hydrating and cleansing foam
- Fully Charged....serum and moisturizer
- Fake Awake....triple-action eye gel
- Sunday Detox....whipped clay peel off mask
- Glow on Demand....energizing illuminator
- Tech Neck....line smoother

The two I want to touch on a bit today are the Sunday Detox and the Fully Charged. So, the Sunday Detox is a clay mask that is best used once a week. This face mask is designed as sort of a reset button on your skin, and is meant to give your skin the reboot it needs for the new week ahead. I must say that after using the mask, I saw that my skin looked and felt smoother and seemed to have more life in it, if that makes sense! I could also tell that the blackheads on my face seemed to be less visible and it left my skin feeling refreshed and clean. As for the Fully Charged serum and moisturizer...this stuff is bomb! And when I say bomb I mean it is fantastic and I love it haha! I use it just after cleansing and before I put on my makeup. The serum and moisturizer, once applied, immediately makes it feel smoother and softer. I saw that my skin looked brighter and more vibrant and it is so easy to use, you just apply a few pumps day and night.

One thing that is pretty cool about nia is that there is some serious science behind this collection of skincare products, they use a patented molecule known as NIA-114 that fortifies and protects skin. I mean even science is engaged and wanting to help you have better skin haha!

Any how, I have loved this product so far! It can be found at Ulta Beauty either in-store or online, so check it out when you can and find out the results for yourself! Take care of that skin, we only get one set of it! Thanks to all of you for following, I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day!