Hello lovelies. Happy Wednesday ya'll! I hope this post finds you all doing well and in good spirits! Today's post I am taking it back to beautiful Cartagena, Colombia. While we were down there with Maaji swimwear we had the opportunity to stay in probably one of the coolest houses I have ever been in! It was kind of magic, it combined indoor and outdoor living in such a balanced way and Brod and I had such a blast just hanging out there...chilling, chatting, and taking pics. It was one of those places that there was not a bad place for taking pictures. The pics below feature one of the many amazing suits from Maaji that I absolutely love! The fit of their swimwear is fantastic and they have some of the most creative patterns and prints in the game. If you haven't tried a swimsuit from Maaji yet, then I would say don't wait any longer, try them and find out for yourself how awesome they are!! The color combo and print of the suit I am wearing in the pics below is one of my favorite! I would love to hear what you think? Have you tried Maaji swimwear? If so, what do you think? What are some of your favorite suits and why? I would love to hear your feedback! I love, love, love this brand and the people behind it! Well, I am going to go now, Brod is at the Masters golf tournament and I have two crazy boys to chase around haha! I love you all! Thank you for following!

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