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Friday, April 21, 2017

Colors of Happiness
Friday, April 21, 2017 19 Comments Images

Hey gang! Happy happy Friday! The weekend is here and  I look forward to spending some time with my dudes and friends! What do all of you have planned for the weekend? Before I leave you for the weekend, I wanted to quickly share a look back to the colorful city of Cartagena. These pictures capture the beauty and simplicity of the city, and as I look at them all I want to do is go back. Downtown was speckled with differently colored walls pretty much every block. It was so cool, one minute the buildings were pink and the next they were blue. There were also flower covered and beautifully decorated balconies everywhere you looked. It's one of those places that is hard to fully describe, you kind of have to experience if for yourselves. These pics were from one afternoon of Brod and I just chilling in our house downtown and then an afternoon of exploring the city. Cartagena and Colombia in general is definitely a place that we want to go back and visit! It was such a fun and magical place! Well, I am going to sign off now, I hope you all have a fab weekend and thank you so much for following! I linked the swimsuit and coverup I am wearing below at the bottom of the post, so be sure to check them out if you dig them! Love you all!

swimsuit top
swimsuit bottom


  1. i like the suit top but bottom is a little showy. It's a really pretty color though.

    -Kirsten // www.porkandcookies.com

    1. I love this color for a swimsuit too, thanks!

  2. The city looks beautiful, especially that balcony! Love your suit!

  3. Looking gorgeous as always!
    Love that coverup ♥ Have a lovely weekend babe!


  4. So beautiful!! <3
    XO Janina

  5. Girl, your body is goals... Fabulous photos!


  6. Such a beauty! Love your blue swimsuit <3


  7. i like the suit top but bottom is a little showy. It's a really pretty color though.
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  9. Beautiful places and you look wonderful.

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  11. Looking gorgeous as always!
    Love that coverup ♥ Have a lovely weekend babe!

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