Girly Gingham

Hello friends! It's Thursday and it's been a fantastic week so far here in our house and I hope that you are having a fabulous week! So quick side note about my husband and his obsession with golf, I am getting ready for bed and he has already set out his "outfit" for his tournament that he and his friends have tomorrow! He is seriously such a golf nerd and loves it so much! I must admit that it is kind of cute though and I was laughing so hard when he tried on four different outfits and was pacing around and looking in the mirror, trying to decide what to wear!

Any how, enough golf talk, today's post features a couple new pieces that launched yesterday on caralorenshop, and they are pieces that I am in love with! Both the Betty Layered Top and the Gloria Gingham Top come as two separate pieces that can either be worn together (as pictured) or could be worn as separates, paired with something else. I love the cute and fun vibe they give and also love that they are pieces that could be dressed up or down! Layering pieces are some of my favorites and these two tops are no different, they give just the right amount of fun and cute, but are also pieces that you could dress up a bit! Go check them out on the shop before they sell out, as a lot of it is people have snagged 'em already!! Well, I gotta get to chasing my boys, I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for all of your love and support!

top (both t-shirt and gingham top)
lipstick (color honeycomb)