Karlie Kloss x Express

Hey gang! It's a beautiful day and I am so excited to be back with you! I hope you are all doing well and having a wonderful day thus far. Today I am teaming up with Express to share with you one of their new collections and collaborations that has come to life, and one that I fell in love with at first sight! Like I really did, the collection is simply too good to not be excited about it! I am talking about the Karlie Kloss x Express Collection. This collection is fantastic, it brings to life the beauty and versatility of the essentials of a wardrobe. I love the vibe and theme of the collection, it is one that celebrates being true to yourself, being optimistic, and being versatile. The Karlie Kloss x Express Collection is made up of 17 styles that can create more than 100 different looks! How rad is that? Talk about versatile! When it comes to the actual pieces themselves, the range is broad, bringing to the table iconic tees and blazers to embellished bombers and dresses. Each piece can me mixed and matched with other pieces to create looks that celebrate your particular lifestyle and the bright future that lies ahead.

I fell in love with this denim jacket right when I saw it and knew that it would be a piece that I could pair with many other pieces, and be a piece that I could get create with in a variety of styles. I love the attention to detail that this oversized jacket represents and it is a piece that can be easily worn as a layered piece and can complete a variety of looks. I love that it is oversized and I am pretty crazy about details of the lips, heart, and chain on the front of the jacket. The little additions and attention to detail is what separates the good from the great in fashion and this collection by Karlie Kloss knocks the attention to detail out of the park. It is very impressive. As mentioned earlier, I love that the collection is tailored after what Karlie Kloss is all about...being genuine, versatile, and optimistic. These are 3 very important values and principles and seem to be infused into each of the pieces in this collection. I love the positive vibe of Karlie Kloss and wearing the pieces of her collection bring to life the values and definitely inspire me to want to be better and to stay true to me and who I am! If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, I say go, go, go!! Thanks to all of you for following and I hope you have a fantastic day!!

Karlie Kloss x Express denim jacket
booties (similar style for spring and summer)