Oranges on oranges on oranges

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Hello to all of you beautiful souls! Today's post takes us to the sunshine of lovely Sarasota, Florida! For those of you that live here or have been here, you know how wonderful this little city is, and for those of you that have not been here yet, book your tickets now! It is such a cool place and is pretty much gorgeous everywhere you look!

I had the opportunity to partner with Tropicana to experience a firsthand look at how their product is made and what goes into bringing their delicious orange juice to life! For 70 years, Tropicana Pure Premium 100% orange juice has embodied what it means to start the morning off right and has everything you need to brighten your day. You can see in the pictures below I had the chance to tour the groves where the oranges for their juice are grown and it was absolutely amazing to see! I have never seen so many gigantic oranges and orange trees in my life, seriously it felt like thousands of orange trees! We then toured the factory where the magic happens, the oranges are prepared and squeezed for their juice and that juice is bottled and sent all over the world! It's crazy because I have loved orange juice for my entire life and my family and I drink it all the time, but to see how it goes from the grove to the bottle and eventually to a glass in front of me, to see that whole process take place was so fascinating.

Something that I thought was so cool about Tropicana was to see and taste that every bottle of Tropicana orange juice is really made from 100% orange juice. There are no artificial flavors, no sugars, and no preservatives added. It is simply 100% fresh and delicious orange juice in every bottle! I also learned that one glass of Tropicana orange juice a day contains a day's worth of Vitamin C, potassium, and is equal to 2 servings of fruit. So, in other words, it not only tastes fantastic but it is good for you as well! Visiting the orange groves made me want to include fresh orange juice in more of the meals that I make and reminded me to include it as part of my little dudes breakfast each day!

I had such an amazing time in Florida, the Tropicana team was awesome in every way, and I enjoyed my stay at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Sarasota! I hope seeing this behind the scenes look of Tropicana is interesting and cool for you to see and I want to remind you all that when choosing your orange juice, choose Tropicana!!


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