Dream Beach

You guys, this beach was the best. The end.

Jk, jk, but really it was. It's on the west side of Oahu, and is called Yokohama Bay and the boys and I absolutely loved every single second of it. The pictures say it much better than I can, but the next time you are in Oahu, you have to go to this beach! My favorite thing about this particular beach were the natural-rock surrounded pools that the boys could wade in and play around in, without getting drilled by the waves. The mountains were right out of Jurassic Park, the water was perfect, and all in all, this was one of most favorite days in Hawaii...ever. Check it out. Love you all!

Oh and for those of you that have asked. The hat I am wearing (and another color and style) is coming to the shop soon!

swim top
swim bottom
hat (coming soon!)