Sporty Mom Mode

Hello lovelies. I hope this post finds you happy, well, and in good spirits. So, one of the things that you would see (or notice) if you were with me on a daily basis is that I am in my athletic or "athleisure" wear a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Part of my lifestyle and daily routine is to go the the gym to workout, and then I am usually headed straight to other daily activities such as picking Hanes up from school, running errands, attending meetings, going to shoot content, etc. This means that I spend a big chunk of my day in athletic wear. I don't mind this at all because I love athletic/activewear not only for comfort and fit, but I also love the look of it. However, having said that, I also love many other styles and types of clothing, and what I really enjoy is being able to mix the sporty looks with other types of pieces to create a unique look altogether. One thing I do look for in brands I wear and work with, knowing that I am wearing athleisure type clothing so often are those that have pieces to complement this style and dress it up in a classy but casual way. This outfit basically says, "I have been at the gym and still have a meeting and errands to run with the boys and need to dress it up a bit." This jacket and tote from Coach fit exactly what I am looking for down to every detail. The leather jacket combined with the athletic wear look is such a fun and sort of edgy look that is then complimented perfectly with the sneakers and tote. The vibe and look is one of first class and yet has a touch of sporty too, which I absolutely love. Such a big part of fashion for me is staying true to my tastes, style, and who I am, and wearing clothing that reflects that. And these Coach pieces fit me and who I am. I have linked the tote and jacket below so you can check them and other awesome items on Coach's site out just in time for Mother's day! One particular favorite of mine from this look is the market tote, it is so classy and beautiful in terms of looks, and there are a bunch of different options on Coach's site to take a look at. It is also super functional, I can throw my water bottle and a couple snacks in there (or one of Arrow's toys haha) and still have plenty of room for other items. Whether you dig the all black (like me), or a different color and design, the tote is so easy to use in a variety of ways and a bag that can be worn effortlessly on a daily basis with many, many different looks.

It's a perfect gift for the mom's in your life, or for yourself if you are wanting to spoil yourself like me haha! Coach is such a fantastic brand in all aspects and there are so many options that are timeless and classic to wear. Even as a "sporty mom," I was able to identify with and get excited about many of the Coach pieces because of their versatility and casual vibe! So yeah for this Mother's day, if you haven't checked out Coach products before, check them out now! I would love to hear what you think of their stuff I look forward to celebrating all of the beautiful mothers in my life and and those mothers that are examples to me! Thanks for following, I love you all!