We Arrived!

   Aloha lovelies. It's May and we are in Hawaii...say what?!! You might be able to tell by my greeting (or from all of the pictures below haha), but in case you don't know, now you know...we have arrived in Oahu! And let me just say that this place is so, so, so beautiful! This is actually our first visit to the island of Oahu and we have loved every second of being here so far. I know I have been posting on IG already, asking those of you that live here or have visited here for some of your favorite spots to visit, sight see, eat, etc., but I am going to ask again...please if you have any suggestions or ideas of what we must see/do while we are here, leave a comment below!!

We are staying at the Four Seasons O'ahu at Ko Olina and this place is absolutely dreamy. I will be sharing more details about the resort and our experience here at a later time, but let me preface that post by saying that we love it here, and look forward to coming back already!! Day one consisted of fighting through the travel fatigue and dragging our bodies to get outside and enjoy the water! True story, right after we got in our hotel room (which is amazing by the way) we hurry and threw on our swimsuits to head down to the pool and beach. Well, after munching some snacks and taking longer than anticipated to get ready to swim, next thing we know we are all on the comfy bed and are pretty much laying and laughing half-asleep/half-delirious and exhausted from the day of travel haha! We pushed through though and got our butts out of the bed and down to the pool and then the beach, and man oh man were the boys happy we did! Swimming is definitely one of Hanes and Arrows' favorite activities to do while we are away from home and once we hit the pool, their energy level seemed to perk right back up. After an hour or so at the pool, we walked over to the lagoon they have here at Four Seasons, and they boys played in the sand and ran from the waves as the sun began to set. It was a fantastic start to our trip and kicked off our experience here in Oahu in such a good way! As mentioned above, I will be sharing more details regarding our experience here at the resort, as well as our island adventures and exploring so make sure to check the blog in the upcoming days! Big thanks for all of you that sent suggestions our way already, we have tried some of the beaches and eating spots already and loved them! Follow along here and IG and our other platforms as well for some more aloha adventures! Happy Tuesday and I love you all!!

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