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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Active Couple...we think? Maybe in our own way.
Thursday, June 22, 2017 22 Comments Images

Alright, hey guys. What's good? Haha, Brod loves to say that and I literally laugh as I type that when I think of me saying to someone, "what's good?" I am not cool enough to use that jargon. Any how, that is not what today's post is about, but what it is about is these rad Adidas outfits pieces we are sporting eh?! Ok, so that is not the focus of this post either, but Brod and I really do love Adidas, and it's crazy how, as a brand they have sort of reinvented themselves over the past few years and have been bringing some crazy cool stuff to the shoe world and apparel game too. For real, Adidas has now become one of the brands that I enjoy and look forward to wearing the most. Nmd's, Ultraboosts, Stan Smiths, Sliders...I can keep going, they got it going on right now.

But, for today's post I wanted to talk about a focus that Brod and I have had now for the past two years...that being a commitment to staying fit, or getting more fit, or whatever you want to call it. Here is what I want to say first and foremost, I am not a trainer, nor do I claim to be, nor do I think I will ever claim to be. However, I love working out and very much enjoy sharing what I have been doing in terms of workouts, routines, exercises, eating, etc...I love sharing what has worked for me. I realize that doesn't mean that it works for everyone or that it will work for you, but if some small portion of the formula that I have shared and will continue to share with you does help...then boom! That makes me happy, and that is why I share it, and I hope that it continues to help, motivate, inspire, and contribute to you wanting to be a better you, whatever that means.

It's funny, working out and being "active" is something that is defined in so many ways, and it really comes down to being such an individual (or team) journey. As I look back to a couple of years ago, I don't look back and say that Brod and I were not "active" or that we were not "healthy," I look back and say that we simply changed our habits and our consistency in our commitment to wanting to be more fit each day. And those habits continue to change and be tweaked each day, week, and month. What it comes down to for us, is desiring to be our best selves, and we definitely fall short of that a lot, and lots of times our best selves has nothing to do with our physical shape, and everything to do with time, value, mental and spiritual health. But, there is a physical aspect to it as well, and we are trying to make sure that we keep that in balance with everything else in our lives. Because, I do think a commitment to fitness can start to take over other aspects of your life if you're not careful and can start to displace value elsewhere. So, where does that leave us now? I think we are in a good spot. I am going to continue to share workouts, videos, thoughts, and feelings regarding my  journey to becoming more fit and hopefully, along the way, that will help many of you too. I think it's all about helping one another and cheering for one another and celebrating one another's victories and being there to support and love in our defeats.

For Brod and I, being more active has simply meant making "the gym or working out" a regular, consistent part of what we do 6 days a week, and spending that time while we are there busting our butts to get better. Day in. Day out. We have kind of adopted the mantra that no matter how valid..excuse never changes performance. And we walk with that each day. Some days I am dead tired and feel like crap and don't get a good workout in, and others I feel like the energizer bunny and work my tail off! I think it's taking those good days and making more of them and being more consistent with them. Anyway, I might be rambling now, but I would love to hear your thoughts and if there is something in the fitness category that you would like to see more of here on my social platforms, please let me know with a comment here or on IG, or wherever. But know that I want to hear them and I am going to continue to share my journey with you, because it has helped me and it motivates me to be better and work harder!! Thanks for following. I mean it. I love you all!



  1. It is very good to be and to feel fit. And if your second half supports you in it - it sounds very great! And you both look very amazing!

  2. You guys are truly couple goals. My boyfriend and I are lazy as heck, we avoid exercise like the plague. That said, I'm trying to get more active myself. Little by little. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. You have inspired me completely, Cara! I have begun my own motivated lifestyle because of you.

  4. I love what you two are all about. You're an inspiration to couples and singles like myself. So beautiful!


  5. I notice in your posts often that you say you're rambling or that you should stop talking...you are a blogger! People come to your page to read what you think because they (hopefully) value your opinions! Giving not enough detail on what you think or find important negates the point of a blog! I love reading your insights on fitness and can't wait to hear more - you have been a huge motivator and inspiration for me!

  6. Love the post! You are so lean and look amazing. Obviously a lot of it is diet but as far as workouts go I was wondering what's your typical workout plan for the week. How often do you focus on lifting, hiit, cardio or other types of workouts? Thanks!

    1. I would love to know this as well!! It would help immensely!

  7. I would love a regular week what you do...I have a hard time figuring out what to do....so what a week looks like for you and if you use any apps etc...COULD REALLY USE THE HELP!!!

  8. I have incorporated your workouts into my daily routine. Your workouts are so different from the typical routine. It really helped me to step up my game. Especially your cardio sets. I do those about 4 times a week at the end of weight lifting and then the other 2 doing the usual elliptical or something. My husband and I strive to live a similar lifestyle and make it a point to go to the gym 6 days a week. The thing I have a hard time with is cooking different, healthy dinners that taste good! I am by no means a cook so that might be part of the problem lol. But I'd love to learn more of what your meals are like. Thanks for sharing and I love your instagram! I look forward to seeing your posts. ❤️

  9. Love to hear more about your eating habits, you mentioned before that you were counting your macros. Just wondering if you're still doing that and if you have adjusted your macros at all? Also, if you have some macro friendly snacks ave recipes ��

  10. Thanks for sharing. I like to see your workout videos on Instagram and hear what works for you, you're killing it and look great! It's such inspiration for the #strongnotskinny

  11. THANK YOU for sharing your journey. It's been great inspiration for me and I love all of your workout videos on IG. I would love to hear more about your diet or what a typical day/week of eating looks like for you. Are there certain things you avoid or just don't eat that you feel have helped you in this journey? I always hear that it's 80% diet and only 20% exercise that creates your body composition. Thanks again for any and all information you share with us. I really appreciate it!

  12. You guys are couple goals! Love how sweet and committed you two are to each other and working out ! Happy weekend!


  13. You two look AMAZING and have great bodies and I love that you are comitted as a couple♥
    Keep up the great job guys, love ya xo


  14. I would love to see more meal diaries of your day-to-day meals, no matter how boring you might think they are :)

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