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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Getting Intimate
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 11 Comments Images

Hello loves. So, today let's talk about the thing that every woman and girl needs....what is that I am speaking of? A bra. Every girl needs the right bra, that perfect fitting bra, and that bra that is going to give her the comfort she needs throughout the day.

Well, look no further, because I think I may have found the way to find the perfect bra for you and I, and that is way is with Third Love. I know, for me, the right fitting bra gives me that extra bit of confidence and comfort that I need and want on a daily basis. It seems like such a simple and basic thing, to have the right bra for you, but finding that bra that fits just right, is comfortable to wear, and looks good can be easier said than done. So, let's talk about Third Love and what they are all about. It's pretty awesome actually. Their Fit Finder walks you through a few quick steps to find the recommended size and fit that best suits you from their 24/7 collection. Then, you get to sort of "try before you buy" and test out the bra for 30 days to determine if it really is the right fit, size, and style that you prefer. How great is that? One thing I really love about this brand is that they haven't taken any short cuts. They really do want you to find the right bra for you and your body type, and have the platform and steps in place to help make that happen.

I absolutely love the style and fit of the bras I have selected and the fit and comfort of each them is spot on. Who knew that shopping for bras could be so easy and fun? Check them out here if you haven't already!! There are three kind of mantras that Third Love hangs their hat on...better fit...more comfort...and premium details. After using their Fit Finder and going through the ordering process myself, I can say that they nailed all three.

Thanks for following! Have a wonderful day!

This post is sponsored by ThirdLove.


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    1. It does make it so much easier to pick a bra out!

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  3. I was just thinking how I need to get out to the stores for new bras but have honestly been dreading it. I'm trying this out and hoping I'm as pleased as you are! Thanks so much for sharing!

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