We can't stop. We won't stop. Seriously though, I know I have said this over and over but it is the truth. My boys might love swimming/splash-padding (not a word?) more than any other activity there is. I mean I may have some future swimmers here, like competitive little Michael Phelps swimmers haha! Ok maybe not Michael Phelps, but I will say Hanes is getting so confident in the water and is a pretty dang good little swimmer. And Arrow might invent the next Olympic diving event, although instead of diving, it's more of a crazy, borderline out of control jump into the pool! I think he jumped in over one thousand times during our trip here in Marco Island.

Lucky for a swim-loving family like us, JW Marco Island Marriott is a swimmer's paradise. With two ginormous pools, a slide, splash pad, hot tubs, and the really can't go wrong when looking for a great place to swim here. The boys never want to leave the splash pad/slide area, they played TMNT and Avengers in there for hours...literally hours. The slide was rad too and Arrow mustered up the courage to go down it this time, and once he did it one time....well of course that meant he had to do it one hundred times haha! Whoever said, "repetition creates the master," was referring to our child because once he finds something he loves doing, he will continue to do it over and over and over and over and over again. It was so cute to see Hanes take Arrow up the slide though and kind of show him the ropes and watch over his little bro. I cannot believe how grown up Hanes is getting to be and he is such an amazing big brother!

So yeah, to say we had a blast swimming at JW Marco Island is an understatement! We love this place so much and it is probably one of the most family friendly resorts we have ever stayed at. For those of you looking for an amazing tropical destination that is a great balance between fun and relaxation, look no further. This is your place. Happy Thursday to all of you! Thanks so much for following, as I usually do, the boys and I's outfits are linked below so check them out! I love you all.

swim top
swim bottom
Hanes' shoes