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Friday, August 18, 2017

Miracle Water
Friday, August 18, 2017 12 Comments Images

Alright guys, you may remember a post I did a couple months back talking about a product known as the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and how excited I was to begin trying it and incorporate it into my daily skincare routine. Well, let's chat about it! A few months back with summer upon us, I knew that my skin was going to go through some serious stress and wear and tear. Swimming, beach vacations, travel, daily workouts, running the boys around town, yard work, work, and other activities/responsibilities were all part of my summer. I mean, it was a busy summer and one that I knew would be putting my skin through some serious stress. The goal I had in mind when beginning this #OneBottleAwayFrom journey was to maintain and even improve the hydration to my skin and keep it looking young and vibrant, even while experiencing the stress and wear/tear of summer. You could say I started with the idea of being #OneBottleAwayFrom more hydrated and younger looking skin.

Well, to combat this and offer some serious help for my skin, I was inspired to start my #OneBottleAwayFrom journey with SK-II and try their Facial Treatment Essence each and every day. The challenge is just that, a challenge to see what the results would be for your skin, after using the Sk-II Facial Treatment Essence every single day. So, this product is known as the "miracle water," and I must say that the name is a fitting one. After using it day and night for the past couple of months, the benefits that I have seen in my skin are significant. For those of you that aren't familiar with the product, it is made up of 90% Pitera. So what is Pitera? It is an ingredient found in the Facial Treatment Essence that promotes the skin's natural surface rejuvenation process and balances the moisture barrier to help better hydrate the skin, resulting in more younger looking skin. Pitera is a miracle worker and the results in my skin have been fantastic. Even through the daily battles, my skin has seen benefits in:

-Wrinkle resistance
-Vibrance and glow
-Improvement in skin tone
-Softer and smoother skin

So, I am a firm believer in the #OneBottleAwayFrom journey! Using it daily has worked and is working for me!! I am so stoked that I have taken this challenge because I can say that my skin is in a better place than it was back in June! It is more radiant, looks and feels younger, and feels more hydrated and fresh than it did before! So, for any of you looking to change your skin for the better, I challenge you to embark on your own #OneBottleAwayFrom journey and put the Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II to the test. The results will do their own talking and I encourage you all to find out firsthand what this amazing product can do for you!! It has worked for me, it's so easy to use..sprinkle a small amount in your hand and press gently into your face and hand, twice a day, and boom!! Your skin will begin to transform for the better!


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    1. Me too! They might be my all time fav!

  2. Great dress! COuld you add a link?

    1. Thanks! It's actually a dress I got a few years ago from asos.com and is no longer on their website. I'm sorry!

  3. You're so pretty! Now I want to try this SKII product!


    1. Thanks babe! You should definitely try it!

  4. Seriously have been dying to try this stuff! <3


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