The Denim Experience

Hey gang. Question for you...what is your most timeless piece of clothing? When you think of a piece of clothing that has withstood the test of time, what comes to mind? What has kept it's value and remained as an outstanding staple in the fashion world for years and will continue to do so for years to come?

What is my answer to the above questions? Without hesitation I say denim. And in particular denim jeans. Denim jeans are the piece of clothing that I have probably lived the most experiences in this life in. They have experienced my highs and lows, my adventures, my boring days, my laughs, my cries, my travels, and my time spent with those I love most. It's crazy to think about, but denim jeans have been part of my life for a long time now, and they going to be for the rest of my life.

So, any guesses on what I am talking about in today's post.....denim!! I have mentioned this before, but I am going to say it again, there is nothing quite like a great pair of jeans. They can be paired with almost anything, can be styled in countless ways, and when they fit right... they can be a wow piece, a showstopper, a game-changer. Today, I am sharing a pair of jeans from Express, a brand I have been wearing denim from for years now. I love the variety and selection they have at Express. High-waisted, low-rise, mid-rise, flare, distressed, skinny, girlfriend, boot, and more. They have the right pair and the right fit just for you. A great pair of jeans is something that makes feeling sexy effortless, and I love that. I love that a great pair of jeans can instantly grow the confidence you have in your body and in simply being you. That is what timeless and classic pieces should do. They should inspire you and lift you and be an extension of who you are! If you are looking for a fantastic pair of jeans (or a jacket like the one I have on in the pics here) then head to Express, because they got it going on in the denim department. In fact, hop into an Express store to try on some denim and use code 1186 to receive $25 off your in-store purchase of $100+ -  now thru 9/15! Thanks you all for following! Much love to each of you.

*Thank you Express for sponsoring this post!!

*Exclusions apply on in-store offer.