The Art of Layering

Truffles. Cakes. Onions. Enchiladas.
What do all of these things have in common? Yep, you guessed it, layers. When it comes to clothing, there are few processes that I enjoy more than styling and layering a look. Winter is coming, and there is not a better time or season to master and enjoy the art of layering than the winter.
I am excited to have teamed up with Express to share an example of great look for the season, as well as a look that incorporates the skill and art of layering. With the holidays around the corner, the time for parties and dressing up is in full swing! Here is the thing though, with each of the different parties, or get-togethers, or shopping excursions, or nights out on the town that you have to be ready for, you want to make sure and express your own personal touch and style with the outfit and look you choose.

Express has the options that you need to do so. Whether it be tuxedo dressing or suits for parties, sweaters for days and days, denim or outerwear, Express has got you covered, and they have the selection, variety, and price point that will keep you happy and in tune with your own personal style while doing it. So with today's look, I went with the denim as my staple and foundation for the outfit. Really, with any casual winter look (and even sometimes not so casual), denim is the go-to. Denim is my hero, and will always be, and Express has some mighty fine denim options right now both online and in-store. To create the casual and comfy layers, I then paired an oversized sweater with more refined button-down jacket. The two pieces are loosely related and feel close enough to mesh well, and yet are not so similar that if feels like I am wearing two of the same thing. Does that make sense? Loosely coupled. As I mentioned to start the post, I love layering and really do think there is an art to it. You kind of have to find your groove and find your own style when it comes to what type of layers you like best, and what look best on you. I kind of feel like I might have nailed this one, and throw in some red boots to top the look off....boom. I hope you guys like the look, and I definitely encourage each of you to check out Express this holiday season and find the pieces that you can make your own and create the looks you are wanting that will wow for the winter. Thanks so much for following! Check the links below for today's and look and have a fantastic day!!

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pullover (i also got in grey)