FOREO LUNA Mini 2: The Face Brush That Changes Skin Care Habits

Hello loves.
Today, let's talk about skincare. As many of you may know, if you have been following the blog for some time, a big focus I have when it comes to taking care of myself is my skin. In particular, skincare for the face. Being comfortable and confident in one's own skin has so much to do with the habits and time we put into taking care of our skin. Today, I have partnered with FOREO to talk about their amazing face brush known as the LUNA mini 2.

The LUNA mini 2 is pretty much magic! For reals though, this brush can and will do wonders for your face when used on a daily with your favorite cleanser. As far as use, it is really quite simple and can be broken down to 3 easy steps:

1. Lightly dampen/wet your face and apply your favorite cleanser. Wet the LUNA mini 2 on and turn it on.
2. Softly glide the glide the facial brush over your face in circular motion(s) for one minute.
3. Rinse and dry your face. If desired, apply other skincare products/makeup that are part of your daily routine.

This little mini will cleanse, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin in wondrous ways. Part of taking care of your skin and improving your skin is implementing habits and using products that will improve the overall health of your skin, and the LUNA mini 2 by FOREO is most definitely one of those products. I have been able to see and experience firsthand the benefits of using it on a daily basis. For me, it is kind of the first step in my daily skincare routine, and in using it I simply follow the steps I listed above. It probably only takes me 2-3 minutes each day to do, and the results in my skin from using it have been amazing! My skin feels softer, smoother, and looks more radiant! I love that I know by using the LUNA mini 2 each day that I am removing probably 99% of the dirt and oil that is resting on my skin from the day and night before. For me, using the LUNA mini 2 is kind of the starting of the engine of my morning skincare routine! Oh yeah, and did I mention it comes in lots of fun colors?! Yes, yes it does. I went with the pink,
as it matches my pink hair and general love of pink in the perfect way! There are a variety of awesome and fun colors to choose from and the product itself is just cute!!

 It also has a super sleek design and is not too big so it's easy to store and doesn't take up too much space in your bathroom or closet/vanity area (wherever you decide to keep it). Finally, the battery life is exceptional, it lasts a long time and there is no need to buy other brush heads, saving you time and money!

So, I love this facial cleansing brush so much and I love all of you so much that I thought a discount code would be perfect timing as we head into the holidays! So here it is...from December 1st- December 31st you can get 20% off the LUNA mini 2 by using this code: FOREOUS20. How cool is that? If you have been wanting one or want to check one out now and start using it for yourself, click here now! Thank you all for following! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

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