Getting Chilly

Hello loves.
As Ned Stark would say, "brace yourself, winter is coming." For reals though, winter is coming and that means it's time to layer up. While we still have a glimpse of Fall here in Utah (the weather this week has actually been amazing!), I have taken my cardio work outside to soak in the last few weeks of outdoor running and stretching. There is something about the open air and the pounding of the pavement that is hard to replace. Working out and getting my sweat on outside brings a view and energy that cannot be duplicated inside. I love the crisp Fall air and love to take in all the sights and sounds around me as I run, stretch, and think about life. Who else loves to get outdoors to get their workout in?

When I take to the outdoors for my workout, one thing I make sure to do is dress properly, and the place that I continue to find fantastic options and selection at for all of my workout gear needs is Kohl's. I love, love, love this Adidas jacket...the fit and look is fantastic, and it's not too heavy or too light. It kind of hits that sweet spot of being just warm enough for the end of Fall and into Winter. I think I will most definitely be wearing it in early Spring as well. Also, these FILA SPORT leggings might be one of my new favs! Seriously, since wearing them I have already bought them in another color. I love the fit and the way they perform and move as I move. The price points on each of these pieces is super competitive and as I have said before, the selection at Kohl's continues to impress. The brands they carry are awesome, you can see a mix of FILA SPORT and Adidas in today's post, and they have activewear for all seasons! As we enter the holiday season and you begin to look for more layers, go check out Kohl's, you will not be disappointed! All the best to each of you on this lovely day! Thanks so much for following!